To access this course, request an enrollment key from your District Assessment Coordinator.

The purpose of this continuous learning community of practice for kindergarten is to create a community of kindergarten teachers with a focus on home-based learning to build stronger connections with families and students.


OSPI also hopes to support families and educators to scaffold ways that kindergartners manage their own learning at home using these strategies:

·       Expand the use of GOLD®, including use of Teach and Family tools.

·       Provide home-based learning and assessment for kindergarten students that are grounded in the family’s routines and priorities amidst school closure.

·       Build on platforms that families are already using, such as Seesaw, Class Dojo, and Ages and Stages Questionnaires.

·       Help families incorporate their knowledge of their child and feel at ease with home-based learning during this stressful time and beyond.