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The end goal of instruction is student independence. How do we support students in reading complex texts and move them to independence? In secondary classrooms when units involve multiple texts of varying degrees of complexity, how do we build student confidence and skills. These material from a recent workshop will provide ideas to foster discussion, further research, and steps to take.

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Whether entering the workforce after high school, tech school, or college, students need to develop writing skills for the work settings. These writing skills complement and extend academic writing and engage students in authentic tasks.  Writing in career fields extends far beyond resumes and applications. From reports and proposals to memos and customer communication, this writing is rigorous and demands many of the skills found in the ELA standards. Join us in this 90 minute webinar to examine workplace writing tasks and how integrating them in your secondary and elementary courses will help students learn the ELA standards and prepare for lifelong literacy.

Reading digital texts is much the same but also quite different from reading traditional paper or print. Whether it is through online learning or the traditional classroom, students are reading digital texts. What is the impact on student their comprehension? Join us to explore what the research is showing and what strategies we can teach students in maximizing their understanding of digital texts. This webpage is open for all to peruse. For details on joining the discussion or taking the asynchronous workshop, please email Molly Berger .

By the time students get tot he revision stage of writing, they often lack the motivation and skill to revise their writing effectively. In this session participants will share and research ideas for improving student willingness to revise their writing and skills in doing so. The class will begin with a live, online session for participants to meet and share ideas. This will be followed by independent time to read, research, reflect, and possibly test some revision activities. A final live, online session will allow participants to share their findings and plan for next steps.

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The COE Local ELA Moodle is a course for teacher access only. Teachers enroll as educators in the Moodle course and download the tasks for their class. Contact your District Assessment Coordinator to obtain the enrollment key to access the course.

Welcome to the Language and Literacy presentation site. Here you can access language and literacy presentations offered by OSPI's LAP and Migrant/Bilingual departments. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule a follow-up presentation.