Topic Name Description
Welcome! Page Video introduction to using this online training course

Please watch to ensure you get the most of out of this online training.

Page Applying what you learn

Applying what you learn

What's new in Moodle 2! Page Quick overview of new features

See a summary of the main new features in Moodle 2.  More detail on these will be provided throughout the online course.

Click on the play button at the bottom of the screen to work through the Prezi. You can also view full screen by clicking on 'More'. 

You can also add comments using the box on the right hand side of the page.

Page The navigation and settings blocks and how to dock them

A quick look at these blocks

Page A bit more information about the navigation block

Extra features of the navigation block and details of how to change settings

Page Custom menus (mostly for administrators!)

Brief overview of custom menus

Adding content to Moodle 2 Book File storage in Moodle 2

An overview of the changes to adding files into Moodle 2 and some how to instructions and tips!

Page Adding a title to a section

Adding a title to a section (Moodle2)

Page Adding a page

Adding a page

Page Adding images and multimedia into a page

Some extra things you can do with pages!

Page Adding a link to a website

How to add a link to a website

Page Using blocks within resources (and introducing the comments block)

You can use some blocks on resource and activity pages within Moodle - see how (and some uses) here.

Page Adding a folder of content

As in Moodle 1, you can add a folder containing multiple resources.  In Moodle 1 it was called 'display a directory' but now we add a 'folder' which makes a lot more sense!!

Page Activity: Adding some activities

Using the instructions above, add the resources and activities below.  We will use these throughout the course to add activity completion, conditional activities and course completion.

Some of the activities you will be creating are not new in Moodle 2 so full instructions on how to add them are shown with the outline of the activity below.

Introduction to Activity Completion Page An introduction to activity completion

A Prezi outlining activity completion, what you see on the screen and the options available.

Page Turning on activity completion on your site and course

Activity completion needs to be turned on at site level and at course level.  These instructions show you how.

Page Activity: Have a go at adding activity completion to your course

Follow the instructions to add activity completion to the resources created before.

Setting Restrictions and Conditional Activities Book An introduction to restricted access and conditional activities

An overview of the options available.

Page Instructions for the next activity

Instructions for the next activity

URL Link to Moodle documentation on conditional activities

Put a tick into the box next to this resource when have viewed the website and you are ready to move onto the next activity.

Page A bit more on conditional activities

Some other useful information and tips for using conditional activities.

Page Turning on conditional access in your Moodle site

How to enable conditional access

Page A look at the restrict access and conditional release settings

Before we add conditions to the resources we have created, let's take a look at the  options available to us.

File The learning path and restrictions to be created

This is the pathway to be created.

The first resource is the trigger that starts the learning journey.  Once this has been read a quiz appears to test knowledge.

The next activity will be based on the result of the quiz.  If they receive 50% or more (at least 2 out of 3 in the quiz), the students can go into the forum to discuss their favourite colour.  However, if the student gets less than 50% (only 1 question right) they need to test their knowledge of colours before they can discuss their favourite.  

If the student gets less than 50% the link to the website will appear for them to play a game to test their colour knowledge.  When they have ticked to complete this activity, a label will appear to tell them to try the quiz again.  This time they will hopefully get over 50% so the forum will appear for them to carry on with the course!

Page Activity: Adding the conditions to resources

You can click here to view the learning pathway in a new window so that you can see it in context and follow the instructions below to add the conditions to your activities.

Page Activity: Test your learning pathway

Have a go and check it works!

Adding Course Completion Book An introduction to course completion

A quick overview to introduce course completion.

Book Course completion in more detail

A look at each section in the course completion settings page

URL Moodle docs on course completion

A useful link to add to your favourites!

Page Activity: Adding course completion to your course

Adding your own course completion

Reporting and Tracking Page Summary of what you have done so far

Before we look at reporting we will remind ourselves of the work we have completed to date.

Book Viewing reports

An overview of how to access the reports

Page Activity: Viewing reports

Have a go at using reports to review student activity and course completion