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  • Intro to CACFP Training

    You must contact your assigned program specialist before registering for a session. 

    New organizations must attend training on program requirements prior to approval of the application. Failure to attend a training workshop will result in the application not being approved in a timely manner. In addition, new staff hired during the year may attend one of the program workshops, if space is available. 

    Currently, Intro to CACFP is offered using the Zoom platform, but you do not need a Zoom account to attend this training.  Access to a camera or a microphone is not required, but it is recommended.   

    To maximize learning, this training is divided into two half-day trainings with some short pre-training videos. Day 1 is dedicated to learning how to complete a study month. Day 2 focuses on menus, meal planning, meal counts, meal service, and includes most everything else related to the CACFP.

    Completion of the CACFP application materials, WINS online applications, and submitting reimbursement claims are NOT covered in this training.

    How to Register

    For an overview of the registration process with images, please follow these instructions

    1. Contact your assigned program specialist. Your specialist will inform you if you need to attend Day 1, Day 2, or both sessions. 

    2. Select the tile for the current fiscal year registration.

      • The CACFP fiscal year runs from October 1 through September 30. 
      • Example: If you are joining a training for November 2021, you would select the FY 2021–22 tile. 

    3. Select th
    e date you would like to attend training, selecting the tile will direct you to another webpage.

    4. You will need pdEnroller account, 
    sign in or create an account to register for training.
      • Select the “Register Now” button on the right-hand side of your screen.
      • Select the “Next Step” button.
      • Select the day(s) your program specialist instructed you to attend.
      • Select the “Save” button at the bottom of your screen. 

    5. Registration Confirmation

      • You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you registered your pdEnroller account with. 
      • Keep your confirmation email! This email is your portal to the training session and additional handouts for the training.
      • Pro Tip: You can add events to your calendar via the event page, this way your Zoom access link is available from your calendar.  
      • Review the required pre class work information. 

    6. Update your contact information in pdEnroller. 

  • Registration for FY 2021–22 Training

  • Additional Information