Scavenger Hunt - Filter

Resource: Enrollment 2019-20

** Each question will need a fresh set of filters, as it bounces between organization and grade levels ** 

1) How many students are enrolled in the state? (Hint: filter “OrganizationLevelis 'State' and “GradeLevel” is ‘AllGradesOR “GradeLevel” contains ‘All’ ) 

2) How many 1st grade students are enrolled in the state? 

Now find your district (Hint: filter "DistrictName" contains a part of your district name, "GradeLevel" contains 'All')

3) What is the biggest school in your district?

Now Find your school (Hint: filter “SchoolName contains a part of your school name) 

4) How many students are enrolled in All Grades in your school? 

5) How many students of Two or More Races in your school? 

6) What is the largest grade in your school?