Scavenger Hunt - WSIF Comparison Tool

Resource: WSIF Comparison Tool

Each of these questions has a video walk through, since the workbook and functionality are pretty complicated. 

1) Locate your school on the distribution of Final WSIF Scores.  What about for all schools of your grade level?

Question One - Video Walkthrough:



2) Filter to see schools only around your school's same enrollment size, where is it in the distribution now?

Question Two - Video Walkthrough:



3) Which school in your district has made the most progress on the Final Score?  What about Regular Attendance?

Question Three - Video Walkthrough:



4) Which Elementary School between 100 and 400 student enrollment has made the most progress on Math Growth?  What about for the American Indian/ Alaskan Native student group?

Question Four - Video Walkthrough:


5) Where would you go to find the business rules for each of these calculations? Who would you contact if you had a question about these data?

Question Five - Video Walkthrough: