Instructional Practices

Instructional practices are the “now what” resulting from the research. Digital texts are not going away so how do we help students learn to read them well? When to choose them and when to choose print? How to monitor their own comprehension?

As teachers, what will our evidence of student success be?


Select one or more of these articles and complete a section on the Independent Research and    

Reflection and Reflection sheet. Again, you may do more than one.


·         Liana Heitin, How Should Reading Be Taught in  Digital Era? Education Week, November 8, 2016

·         Jesse King, 6 Ways to Improve Digital Reading Habits, Herald Media, Nov 10, 2017

·         Katrina Schwartz, Strategies to Help Students 'Go Deep' When Reading Digitally, KQED, Oct 16, 2016

·         Best Practices for Digital Reading - INFOhio, July 2020


   These articles may lead to more sources on this topic as will your own searching. Complete a section

   on the Independent Research for any of interest to you. Also, please post additional resources to the

   course site.