Initial Thoughts following Webinar

Initial Thoughts Following Webinar

Initial Thoughts Following Webinar

by Emily Price -
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1. I was very surprised at the lack of recent data on reading on screens and how it impacts comprehension.

2. I had never thought of decluttering a reading passage by changing the view settings. I constantly close ads when I am reading something, and zoom in so the text is bigger and easier to read.

3. I am excited at the possibility of teaching students to think critically about which strategies and accommodations will help them to do the best reading. Taking the time to slow down and have those practice sessions and discussion will be challenging, but I can see how rewarding it could be for students.

Impact: #3 We talk all of the time about how every person learns differently. Now that everything is online, so much information is presented to every student in the same way. Encouraging students to find what works for them in their home/learning situation could be very powerful.

Questions: I am wondering how to help classroom teachers decide how to present texts to students.

If we know that comprehension is not as good on screens, why do we do so many reading assessments (iReady, SBA, etc.) on screens?

How can we use the tools we have to more effectively mimic the physical experience of reading?

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Re: Initial Thoughts Following Webinar

by Molly Berger -
You bring up a good point about assessments and screens. I think it accentuates the need for teaching students reading strategies for digital texts. Most of the research shows only a slight advantage of print, so with instruction, it may be minimized.

I think helping classroom teachers how to present texts will come with sharing information and strategies.