Initial Thoughts following Webinar

Initial thoughts

Initial thoughts

by Anne Tretter -
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3 things that stood out to me were:

1. how the results from early research is differing from the later research. I wonder why - is it because our brains are being rewired from an earlier age now? Are students getting more digital readings and some are just naturally getting better at it through practice without instruction? Something else?

2. I didn't realize there were 4 different types of digital texts. YIKES! How can I teach my students something I don't know?

3. Finally, that online reading is a lot of skimming.

Also - One of the things I personally don't like about online reading is all the ads and distractors. I didn't know about that page layout view. I will teach it to my students.

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Re: Initial thoughts

by Molly Berger -
I think you are probably correct that students are naturally getting better but also that the technology is better. Screens are more clear and easier to read and there are more formats for texts online.
Because we so often look and digital texts for quick information, we are used to skimming which is appropriate for that. However, we need to teach students to adjust reading strategies by our purpose. For example if the purpose is close reading, the strategies look much different that for skimming.