Initial Thoughts following Webinar

Initial thoughts

Initial thoughts

by Mickie Jolliff -
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Ideas that stood out

Having them try to evaluate their own text and try different strategies on their own to see what helps and what doesn't.

Giving a clear purpose for reading.

The strategies for digital reading(bigger, type of font etc.)

Impact students

I think having them evaluate their own text will give them ownership in their learning.  As will knowing why they are reading.  Being able to know or try different strategies will give them a sense of control and pride in their work when they figure their way around a difficulty.  Which I hope will lead to more understanding in full.


Can they be taught to try to overcome the adverse impacts of digital reading and when should it start to be taught?

Can it be made part of the curriculum either in the classroom or in a tech pullout?

How and when should teachers be taught to assist their students in this?

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Re: Initial thoughts

by Molly Berger -
Good questions, Mickie, and are worth more consideration. For now, I think students can be taught as early as they start viewing digital texts to manage them well. I would say that this should be embedded within the curriculum along side of other reading strategies. Similarly, as teachers learn more about reading strategies, digital text strategies should be included.
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Re: Initial thoughts

by Anne Vaughn -
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