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Webinar Reflection

Webinar Reflection

by Emily Hunt -
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Here are three things that stuck out to me from the webinar:

1) I was surprised that there was actually so little high quality research done on the differences between reading digitally and reading a book.

2) Students must be taught explicit strategies to support their comprehension of digital text (ie, how and when to use hyperlinks)

3) While self-reporting might not be the most accurate assessment in and of itself, it makes a good starting off point for teaching students how to get to know themselves better as learners. 

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Re: Webinar Reflection

by Jean Dauphinee -
I anticipate there will be more opportunities for conducting research about reading comprehension while reading online due to our newest required distance learning. Potentially, adding more tools to highlight text, access definitions of unfamiliar words, and listening to stories will help us learn what strategies support our diverse learners best.

What are your thoughts?
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Re: Webinar Reflection

by Molly Berger -

I agree. The amount of literature has increased greatly in the last few years, moving beyond just how students are reading web pages. That is much different than sustained reading.