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Webinar Reflection

Webinar Reflection

by Susan Crow -
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1) We use more mental resources when reading digitally, so it is harder to remember information. I work harder to read digital texts. I wonder if it this is true for this generation which has only known reading digital texts?

2) Most concerns over reading digitally can be addressed instructionally. I am reminded that we cannot expect students to know things without explicitly teaching them the skills. Because I am a good reader, I don't think about how to read and process the information. But I need to, so I can help students develop these skills. What is the most important skill to teach regarding digital reading?

3) The idea that we can manipulate digital texts to make them easier to read and comprehend - fewer distractions mean less for our brains to process. I hate reading things online with popup ads, videos, flashing text, photos that aren't related to the text. Letting my students know that this is distracting for me and what do to minimize the distractions can help them think about what works for them. 

4) Explicitly listing the 4 types of digital texts. Explaining this in addition to the types of texts that they are aware of.

Why has there not been more research? Reading digitally is not going away.

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Re: Webinar Reflection

by Molly Berger -
I think one of the things those who read well forget, (and most teachers fit this category) is that for many students, reading is drains them physically as well as mentally. They can have 20-20 vision, but the act of deciphering words on a page is hard work.