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Webinar Reflection

Webinar Reflection

by Maria Antos -
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The one thing that stood out to me was that we can't assume students know how to read digital text. We teach them to read literature and non-fiction through books, but we must teach them how to also read through a device.

I often forget that there are many ways to encounter text other than a book! I always jump to books and pdfs, but students also encounter reading through surfing the web, using search engines, and playing video games. We need to point out and teach these encounters so students can navigate through the online world. 

I also found the three forms of reading interesting; the short form, mid form, and long forms. We need to provide a clear purpose for reading each of these. We also need to scaffold each level with modeling and practice. 

I think slowing down and explicitly teaching the reading strategies is key for my students. They always ask "why" and for good reason. They need to know how to navigate through different texts to accomplish a goal. Are they pulling out information for a report, are they reading for fun, or are they trying to understand the main ideas within a passage? We need to teach them how do these things with a hard copy and a digital text.

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by Molly Berger -
I agree that teaching students to consider purpose is effective. They often approach each text the same way.