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Webinar reflections

Webinar reflections

by Rachelle Mulder -
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Thanks for recording the original webinar.  It was so interesting for me to think about myself as a digital reader, something I had not considered before.  This lead to thoughts about making my students aware of how they read digitally.  I often do "think alouds" for my students when I am reading a book/read aloud to the class.  Until the webinar, I had not considered doing this for a digital text.  Since I primarily work with younger students, they will likely do more digital reading in their life than reading from a book.  HOW STRANGE!!  I look forward to lots of new learning in this class.  

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by Molly Berger -
Thinking about those younger students and how their reading environment may change in their lifetime makes me realize how much we need to teach them to manage their own reading and become independent.