Initial Thoughts following Webinar

Initial Thoughts

Initial Thoughts

by Danielle Locken -
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What three (or more) ideas stood out to you? 

I've frequently considered how reading digitally can make interacting with the text difficult (such as annotating), but I never considered that it could also be an obstacle in reading the text in the first place. I also have tried providing students with reading engagement strategies, but did not consider involving them in the experience of choosing which strategies work best for them. I thought it was interesting that digital reading could be effective in concrete thinking, whereas print reading was more effective in guiding abstract thinking.

How do you see that they impact students? 

I definitely think middle school students are suffering from digital reading distractions. They would benefit greatly from some of the adaptations explained in the webinar, such as using reader's view web browsers, or copying the text into a document which can be manipulated to include better fonts and more white space. I think providing students an opportunity to take ownership of their learning strategies would improve engagement and self-motivation.

What questions arise from this?

I struggle with finding ways to help students identify their own learning needs. An example used in the webinar was "music helps me focus", but Molly specified further, "what type of music"? It is very difficult to build self-awareness with middle schoolers, but I know it could be done using the right instructional strategies.