Initial Thoughts following Webinar

Initial Thoughts following Webinar Video

Initial Thoughts following Webinar Video

by Kristine Barratt -
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I am so glad you are doing this webinar.  For the past few years I've been trying to figure out how to best prepare students for both the SBAC and reading as an adult.  I've been working toward more authenticity in my instruction.  But there seemed to be a disconnect of some sort in their comprehension of readings.  I think this might be the key.

I recognized so many difficulties my students had while you were discussing the challenges of reading digitally versus print.  I truly hope to develop and refine strategies to best prepare my 7th-12th graders in their reading literacy.

How students view reading digitally as opposed to print

How students "attack" reading digitally versus print

How to use good reader strategies (highlighting, notetaking, etc) in a digital format

These three ideas are going to be key in teaching my students to do better in their literacy, especially in COVID times.

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Re: Initial Thoughts following Webinar Video

by Molly Berger -
Great ideas. It is so important that if we are going to test in a digital environment that students have practice reading in that environment as well