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Webinar Reflection

Webinar Reflection

by Gillian Lait -
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Being online, my students are doing WAY more digital reading than they have been previously so this webinar was very helpful in getting me rethink how I handle digital texts in my classroom. I have not thought about teaching explicit skills when it comes to reading digitally, and I also found this a good reminder that I need to focus on teaching these skills in my class. I would like to do a student survey to figure out what my students are reading so I can adjust my lessons to what they are needing in their reading life. 

Additionally, I didn't realize how the perception of online work changed how students might be reading. I noticed a lot of my students engaging in watching videos on our online reading website and this is helping me to realize that this is probably due to students not taking online reading seriously. This helped reorient my teaching and I am looking forward to better supporting my students to direct their learning.

Lastly, I'm hoping to giving students a better way to track their reading so they can begin to set some goals. 

Moving forward, I'm hoping to ask questions about how do I create accountability for students and how do I engage in collaborative reading online?

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Re: Webinar Reflection

by Molly Berger -
The question of accountability is important. When students know what they are doing counts for something, they tend to put more effort into the work. However if accountability is too high, they may give up. It is important to find the right balance and 2 reassure the students that there's always a pathway to success but they have to want it.