Navigating around the OSPI Data Portal

You can navigate to the Data Portal from a couple of different paths:

1) Through the OSPI homepage under the Data and Reporting tab.  Select Data Portal from the drop down menu.


2) Through the Washington State Report Card under the Download Data feature where the send box box next to For All Years and Organizations appears.


The Data Portal houses numerous data sets about PreK-12 students, transportation, school facilities, school accountability, educators, district finances, and school directory contact information.  For this training, we will be focusing on student data. 

Let's start by finding data sets that are posted on the Washington State Report Card.  Use the "Search data" feature and put in the keywords 'Report Card':


This search returns all data for student measures from the Report Card.  You can also browse by "Data Domain", for instance "Accountability" will show you all federal accountability data, also known as the Washington School Improvement Framework (more on that in the next module).  


You can also sort the data by the year, for instance 2014 will show all data from that school year.


Now test your understanding with the following questions.