Getting into the Data Sets and Using Filters

Let's use that 2020 Enrollment file that you found in the scavenger hunt above (using Data Domain "Student" and Year "2020").


Let's click in and look at the data set.  This will redirect you to which is where we host our raw data sets.  Here, there is a description of the data, the date it was last updated, and notes to better understand what is being displayed.  These are really helpful details, and should always be read before you view or download the data.


Click in to View Data to dive in:


Now that we know more about the file, let’s talk about the file format.  You can hover your cursor over the column header to see the full column name, or click the ellipsis (... button) to see the column description. (Note: not all columns will have descriptions, this is something the Student Information and Achievement Data Offices are working on adding more detail for in the future.)


Most Report Card data sets have state, district, and school level data included in one data set; these different levels are found in the OrganizationLevel column.  There are also (typically) grade levels reported; these are found in the “GradeLevel”  column which make the first set of columns look like duplicates, but if you scroll to the right, you will see why they are different.  The text in the cells are important, because it will help us filter the measure column data correctly. 



Let’s use the "OrganizationLevel" and "GradeLevel" columns to filter the data set. The filter dropdown has three options, let explore the bottom option for now, called simply "Filter": 



Filters also allow you to explore data where you aren’t quite sure exactly what you are looking for.  Let’s explore this to find a specific school with the filter condition "contains": 


This is great, we’ve got a school and we are looking at their all grade enrollment numbers.  Let’s dive into their grade level enrollments, by adjusting the "Grade Level" filter: 


Let's use sort option to order the data so we can find the largest, or smallest, enrollment numbers:

Now it’s your turn to explore using filter and sort!