Applying multiple filters to dive deeper (optional: advanced)

Let's use a different data set to answer the next set of questions.  Go back to the Data Portal and search for "Report Card Assessment" and select the link for the 2018-19 school year data. Click "View Data" and familiarize yourself with this data set.  Notice that it has a bit of a different structure - we call this data long because the student groups are separate rows, unlike the enrollment file that was wide and had each student group in their own column. 

Let's filter the data set as follows: "OrganizationLevel" is 'School', "SchoolName" contains your school name, "TestAdministration" is 'SBAC', "TestSubject" is 'Math', and "GradeLevel" contains 'All'.  


Take a second to think about what these filters mean.  

We are looking the Mathematics Smarter Balanced Assessment results for your school, broken out by student group.  Also notice the suppression labels, let's talk about that:



Let's answer some questions with this data set!