What is Tableau?

Tableau is a software used to visualize data - that means bringing in the raw data and building charts, graphs, lists, and timelines that allow data to be seen, manipulated, and understood in different ways.  OSPI Data Analysts from the offices of Achievement Data, Student Information, Finance, and Educator Data build these workbooks and can support any questions you have about them.  

The raw data that Tableau uses are called Data Sources - these data sets are imported from locations like CEDARS, the P210 graduation file, F-195 financial apportionment file, and many others.  Data Sources often have update schedules, meaning that they update from the raw data on a set schedule.  This is most typical with CEDARS data, where schools and districts can update the data sent to us and have it be reflected on the workbook within 48 hours. 

The Tableau Server is how OSPI hosts workbooks with secure student information for schools/districts/ESDs to view and download.  It is also the technology that supports all of the visualizations hosted on the Washington State Report Card

OSPI uses Tableau as a reporting tool, meaning data cannot be changed from inside the the Tableau visualization.  If data displayed is incorrect, the source of the data needs to be updated.