Getting to Tableau Server through EDS

The OSPI tool, Education Data System (EDS), is where you can find the Tableau Server, which houses the Secure Data Portal.  If you do not have an EDS account, go to and choose to create an account.
After getting into an existing EDS account or creating a new one, access for the Tableau Server must be requested from the District Data Security Manager (DDSM). Each district manages their own security and may have their own unique requirements/process for getting access. A complete list of DDSMs can be found at


When requesting access from a DDSM it is important to specify which user role you are requesting; Student Interactor, Educator Interactor, or Finance Interactor.  Here are the User Role descriptions:


(Note: Tableau user roles do not provide immediate access once assigned. Users will typically get access the next day.)

Once you are signed into EDS, click into "View my applications".
my applications

Now navigate to the Tableau Server in your application list.

Excellent, now you are into the Tableau Server