Navigating the Tableau Server

After you select the Tableau Server you will be brought to the tableau server landing page.


Some of the key features you’ll find on this landing page are:

  1. Search bar: This feature can be used to search data workbooks by name or key word.
  2. Profile Settings: Can be used to change your landing page or logout. Users will also find account settings under profile settings; it is critical that you do not change your Tableau passwords for any reason. This will override your EDS access and prevent you from accessing the Tableau Server.
  3. Project List: This is a hierarchical folder structure that users can use to navigate through the various projects and workbooks you have access to.

The Tableau Server follows a hierarchical file system. The Secure Data Portal is a project with subprojects, workbooks, and views all nested within the Tableau project structure:


Please contact us if you are having issues with the Tableau Server! is the best place for questions about access, while specific questions about the data workbooks should be directed at the subject matter experts: Student (, Educator (, and Financial (