Navigating in the Tableau Server Interface and Workbook Structures

Let's start with clicking in to the "Secure Data Portalproject, and selecting the "Student" subproject.  Depending on your permissions, there might be a long list of workbooks to choose from.  To find the newest workbooks, click on the header "Modified" to sort the list to the most recently updated workbooks


Another way to find a workbook is to use the search bar at the top of the page - this will return all views and workbooks that are related to the word searched.  Remembering back to the previous module, views are like chapters if a workbook were a book.  Let's search for 'enrollment' and see what comes up.


Let's select the top workbook returned, the 'Enrollment District Preview'.  The workbook's landing page has three important pieces of information to point out:
1) It will list all of the views that are housed in it
2) It will list the last time the workbook and/or data were updated
3) It will list the 'owner' of the workbook.  This one is confusing, because the "owner" of all workbooks in the Secure Data Portal is the IT professional that moved the workbook into the portal.  This is not the data owner.  You will find the data owner, which is who to contact with questions, in the 'About' view of the workbook


Let's dive into the workbook in the next module!