What is the Washington School Improvement Framework?

The final module in this training will walk through how to answer questions with Tableau visualizations.  We will be using our most dynamic workbook, the Washington School Improvement Framework (WSIF) School Comparison Tool, for this exercise. 

The WSIF is a three year roll up of data for each school in the state - including a school's state assessment results, student growth, graduation, English language progress, regular attendance, ninth grade on track, and dual credit data - all which can be found on the school's Washington State Report Card.  These data are calculated for the entire school and for each federally required student group to help the state identify bright spots and areas that need additional support.  For more information on the WSIF, click our website here (the second resource down is an in-depth video about how the WSIF is structured).

You can find all of this data on the Washington State Report Card under the WSIF measure on the Report Card Tab:

You can see the different data elements that are included by selecting the "details" measure breakdown.  For more about how these data are combined, click here.

What about your school's progress over time?  Click over to the trend measure breakdown to see the last three WSIF scores next to one another.  (What is an Nsize?  Click here and refer to the bottom right side to find out how the WSIF protects student privacy).

The WSIF is built to support schools and their continuous improvement efforts.  This can bring up questions that only a display like the comparison tool can help answer.

So, let's dive in!