Using blocks within resources (and introducing the comments block)

You can use some blocks on resource and activity pages within Moodle - see how (and some uses) here.

You can now add some blocks onto resource and activity screens.  This can help to develop pages into interactive resources or provide more information in different areas of the page.

Take a look on the right hand side of this page and you will see some blocks.  I have used two:

  • A HTML block
  • A comments block

The comments block is new in Moodle 2! It is a block that allows anyone who is enrolled on the course to type some text and save it.  Anyone who is viewing that screen can see the comment (and who made it and at what time / date).  The person who made the comment can delete it and teachers can delete any comments.

To add the blocks you simply ensure that editing is on and then click on 'add' in the blocks block on the right hand side.

Choose the block you want to use and it will appear!

If you are using the HTML block, which is useful to add instructions, you will need to click on the hand and pen after adding it in order to add some text.

Let's use the blocks!! Complete the activity on the right hand side of the screen!!




Suggested uses of blocks on a resource

  • Embed a video to a page (eg: You Tube) with the instruction to watch it and to add any questions or comments about it to the box on the right hand side.  This will be discussed at the beginning of the next session.  Add a comments block to the page and this becomes an interactive resource instead of 'just a video'.
  • Similarly, add a URL with the website embedded.  Add a HTML block with a question (eg: What do you think about this new development?  What will it mean for students?  Students share their opinion with the group. 
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