Activity: Adding some activities

Using the instructions above, add the resources and activities below.  We will use these throughout the course to add activity completion, conditional activities and course completion.

Some of the activities you will be creating are not new in Moodle 2 so full instructions on how to add them are shown with the outline of the activity below.

Create a page called 'Introduction to colours'.  

  • Add the following text:  There are three primary colours.  These are red, blue and yellow.  The summer sky is blue.  The sun is yellow and a post box in the UK is red.  There are lots and lots of other colours too.  
  • Add the following YouTube video to it:

Create a quiz called 'Quick quiz about colours' (follow instructions below).

  • Turn editing on and click on 'add an activity'.  Choose 'quiz'
  • In the name box type 'Quick quiz about colours'
  • In this description box type 'Test your knowledge about colours'.
  • Don't worry about changing any other settings, just scroll down the page and click on 'save and display'.
  • Click on 'edit quiz'
  • Click on 'add a question', choose 'multiple choice' and then click on 'next'.
  • In the category drop down list, choose 'default for quick quiz about colours'.
  • Question name: Yellow
  • Question text: What colour is the sun?
  • General feedback: The sun is yellow
  • In the choice 1 answer box type in yellow.  Change the grade to 100%.
  • In the feedback box, type in 'Well done, this is correct.'
  • In the choice 2 box type in Blue
  • Keep the grade as none.
  • In the feedback box, type in 'Incorrect.  The summer sky is blue but the sun is yellow.'
  • Go to the bottom of the screen and click on save changes.
  • Repeat these instructions for the final two questions.
    • What colour is the summer sky? (Correct = blue, incorrect = red)
    • What colour is a UK post box? (Correct = red, incorrect = yellow)
  • After you have added the final question, you should see 3 questions on the screen.  Above the questions you will see the maximum grade is 100.00.  Change this to 3.00 and click on save.  
  • Your quiz is now complete and ready for use.

Create a URL called 'More about colours'

A label saying 'Now have another go at the quiz'

  • Click on turn editing on and click on 'add a resource'.
  • In the name box type 'Now have another go at the quiz'
  • Click on save and return to course.

Create a forum called 'My favourite colour'

  • Click on turn editing on and click on add an activity.  Choose forum.
  • In the forum name box type in 'My favourite colour'
  • In the forum introduction box type 'Click on 'add a discussion' and type in your favourite colour and say why'.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'save and return to course'.
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