Activity: Test your learning pathway

Have a go and check it works!

When you set conditional activities, it is a good idea to check it all works!

As in Moodle 1, you can switch from a teacher to a student role so that you can  use the online course in the same way as a student.  

To do this, view the settings block, click on 'switch role to' and then click on Student.

When you are in the course do the following:

  • View the 'introduction to colours' resource and then go back to the main screen.
  • Complete the quiz that is now available.  Only get one of the questions right so that you score 33% (less than 50%)
  • When you go back to the main screen another resource should appear (a link to a website).  
  • Go into the website and play the game!
  • Go back to the main Moodle course and the label should have appeared asking you to have another go at the quiz.
  • Do the quiz again and get at least 2 questions right.
  • Go back to the main screen and the forum will be available.
  • Go into the forum and answer it to choose your favourite colour.
  • Go back to the main course screen and there should be a tick next to the forum.
  • The work is now complete!
To go back to your normal teacher role in your course, click on 'return to normal role' in the top right of the screen.

Completing this activity

When you have tested your course, put a tick next to this resource link on the main course screen to mark it as complete.

Last modified: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 10:58 AM