Activity: Adding course completion to your course

Adding your own course completion

Throughout this course you have set up the following content in Moodle and have added activity completion and conditions on them:

  • Introduction to colours (a page)
  • Quick quiz about colours (Moodle quiz)
  • More about colours (a URL)
  • Now have another go at the quiz (a label)
  • My favourite colour (forum)

We will now choose some of these options and set up course completion to enable the student to track their progress and for the teacher to see when the work has been completed.  We will set the following course completion conditions:

  • The following activities need to be completed:
    • Quick quiz about colours
    • My favourite colour
  • All the criteria needs to be met before the course is complete
  • The teacher will need to manually approve and sign off the work


  • From within your course, view the settings block and click on completion tracking
  • We will move down the options in order.  When you see one of the areas shown in bold below, change the settings as stated.
  • Overall criteria type aggregation: Make sure all is selected.
  • Manual completion by: Put a tick next to teacher
  • Activities completed: Put a tick beside Quick Quiz about Colours and My Favourite Colour (the resources should appear in the order they appear in the course).
  • Click on save changes at the bottom

When you have completed this task, put a tick next to this resource on the main course screen.

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