Summary of what you have done so far

Before we look at reporting we will remind ourselves of the work we have completed to date.

So far we have:

  • Added some content to Moodle 2
  • Added activity completion to this content so that Moodle can record when the activity is complete.  We have looked at the different types of activity completion and chosen whether the student marks the activity as complete or we have set conditions so that Moodle knows when the activity is complete (which will vary depending on the activity).
  • We have looked a restricted access and set some conditions so that students cannot move onto the next activity until they have completed something.
  • We have set up course completion that identifies required elements within the online course that need to be completed in order to finish, and complete, the course. 

Finally, we will now look at how we can use the new reports in Moodle 2 to see how students have engaged and progressed within the course.  We will specifically look at the activity completion reports and the course completion reports.

We will look at the reports on this course from the point of view of the teacher as you can already see what the reports look like from a student perspective (as you are a student on this course!).

Last modified: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 9:15 AM