What is the Ounce Equivalents Requirement?

All CACFP sponsors must certify completion of all training requirements when submitting their FY2021–22 sponsor application. Training requirements include: 

  1. FY22 CACFP Annual Updates Webinar - Join us as we discuss the past year, renewal updates, and looking ahead to FY22.
  2. Annual Civil Rights Training- This session will review the basics of the Civil Rights requirements when operating the CACFP.
  3. Ounce Equivalents Training- Sponsor staff are required to attend Ounce Equivalents 101.

Slideshow Handout


 Join us for an introduction to Ounce Equivalents (oz. eq.)! During this recorded webinar we discuss: 

    • What are “Ounce Equivalents”?
    • Why do you need to know about them?
    • When is the implementation date of Ounce Equivalents?
    • Who should attend the required Ounce Equivalents 101 training?

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